Yercaud is often called the poor man's Ooty, but don't be fooled by that. Though not very expansive it does have a couple of stunning stops and if you end up going there during the monsoons you are in for a superb trip! You can get there from Salem by road, though the ghats can be a little irksome as they are quite steep and full of hairpins !

The bus ride costs Rs80 per head last I checked. Though the bus can be a really tiring experience thanx to the crazy road. Finding accommodation in Yercaud is a bit of a giffy so make sure you book a hotel before you leave. You can always go there and look for a place to put up but do it at your own risk ! We booked a cottage for 2K per day that had 2 bedrooms, hall and a kitchen. Yeah we cook our own food!

Okay now the places to visit!

Yercaud Lake is right at the heart of the town, you can't miss it if you wanted it. Surrounded by gardens and well-wooded trees you can relax in the boats offered at the lake. Opposite to the lake is a garden, full of all those silly rides you have in the kids park. Let the kid in you have some fun here! You can also look around some really rare species.

 Killiyur Falls is a not so high  90-foot (27 m)-high waterfall, but it does offer a challenge if you like trekking because the road to it isn't complete, so you've got to trek a bit to get to the falls through steep slopes and dense vegetation.

Bear's cave is a cave temple near the Norton's bungalow. The cave is not more than four feet high, so you've gotta go in on all fours. The temple inside has a calm and peaceful aura and if you aren't in a big group you can sit there for a few and introspect about whatever it is that you like to introspect about !! This was my favorite spot. Really enjoyed the calm inside.

Lady's Seat, well yes it's got a silly name. You can have a panoramic view of the plains below through the telescope mounted at the Lady's seat. The VIEW!! My My ! Can definitely give Ooty a run for their money! It's brilliant! Make sure you go in the rainy season though!

Pogoda Point is another view point with a big temple. It used to have several stone Pogodas but now there is one big temple. Silk farms and tea gardens are a must visit if you haven't been to one before. Hell, even if you have you might just spend some time there.

There are a couple of other viewpoints namely Heaven's ledge and Karadiyur point.

Chocolates and tea are up for grabs so carry some spare dough with you !!

Mohit Sinha

subir kumar das