Tungnath is beautifully located in garhwal mountain ranges and bestowed with the best of natural beauty.  Range atop of which is Tungnath temple at an altitude of 3680 mtr. The temple is one of the highest Hindu shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva and also among five Panch kedars , others being Kedarnath , Rudranath , Madhyamaheshwar and Kalpeshwar.

I started this journey with Saurabh, the co biker,  from Gurgaon in early morning with an aim of finishing the Delhi –Rishikesh highways as soon as possible and entering into the mountain ranges before the sunset. In our way we took a longer halt at Haridwar and enjoyed bath at Har ki pauri in Haridwar and delicious food of Chotiwala in Rishikesh. It was sometime around 3 pm when we started further ahead from Rishikesh, after some rest.

The mountains started soon after this and so did it start the fun of observing the amazing beauty of nature. Smooth tortuous roads, peaks covered with lush green flora, voice of river flowing by in valley basin, nice weather and stunning views made the day worth remembering.

We decided to stay in Devprayag for the first night of our trip. The rooms in  guest  were cozy and spacious. But the best part was the balcony which threw an stunning view of valley side.

Devprayag is the site of confluence of Alaknanda and Bhagirathi rivers and Alaknanda officially becomes river Ganga here after.

The mountains had therapeutic effect which drove away all the weariness of previous day and we left the guest house by 7 AM next morning. Views only turned more stunning when we moved ahead. Taking small breaks at Srinagar, Rudraprayag , and many other hill top we reached Ukhimath-Chopta road by 3 pm.

We already had a  trek planned to the Deoria lake from this point. This lake is located about 2 km on an uphill trek from the village of Sari.A nice tea in the village recharged us for the trek. The trek turned out to be more cumbersome and fun than we had expected. The steep path of the trek, rainfall in between and the rare views of snow falling on the hills covered by clouds created a magical aura.

Deoria lake  can make anyone go in state of awe with its beauty and so were we. Such lavish greenery and the beauty of lake was a treat to eyes. The scintillating view of the snow capped mountains ,including mighty ranges like Chaukhamba, Trishuli, all around just added to splendour.

It started raining again when we were at Deoria lake top and we were forced to stay a bit longer than we had actually planned. There was a nice shop serving Maggie and tea and we devoured it all with great happiness.

When we reached back to the sari village, it was already dark and we were too tired to go and search for some guest house for staying so we decided to stay in village itself.

Next morning we started for Tungnath temple. The temple is at a trek of 4 km from Chopta. The path uphill was steeper than the previous trek, but the amazing mountain beauty is great motivating factor. There had been snowfall over Tungnath the previous evening and we could see fallen snow after first few kms itself.

Weather again started getting turbulent and snow started falling even before we had reached the temple. We managed to move ahead at a very slow pace though.

To describe the feeling of reaching the temple top can not be put into words. It was just heavenly. The picturesque landscape had provided such solace that we had forgotten about the tiredness of the trek and completely lost in the beauty of the amazing hills. With dark clouds hovering over the not so distant peaks ,fresh falling snow making everything white at tungnath peak and the ancient architecture of the temple- everything seemed to carry us to another era altogether.

After offering prayers in temple we stayed at top for some time. Seeing the turbulent weather the priest suggested us to go down town before it really turned bad and the trekking route would be  blocked by snow.

Chadrashila is another hill worth visiting after coming here. It is only 2 km from the Tungnath temple. But the path uphill is very steep and tough , snow just makes the trek to chandrashila even tougher. So we decided not to go to Chandrashila.

After trekking down to Chopta the entire experience seemed like a dream where in matter of few hours we had seen so much. To be honest i was feeling as though i was coming from a fairy tale world and chopta suddenly seemed like real world.

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Vishal Arora