Trip to Gangotri - Gaumukh - Part 1 link

Day 3

Woke up early next morning and reached the trek start point by 5:45 am.  And by 6 we started our trek. First checkpoint was two kms from start and it was an army checkpoint where they verified that the trekkers have the requisite pass for the trek. We moved ahead after doing the formalities and having a short break as well.
It was pretty cold in morning and as the trek progressed fatigue started to take over the early days freshness and enthusiasm. 

Next spot was Chirvasa (Chirbasa). It was 7 kms from the trek start point. We reached there by 11 am. The temperature had slowly become a bit normal after bright sun coming into sky.  We had our breakfast cum lunch over here.
We devoured tasty  maggie along with aaloo paranthes. Although  we were continuing to take dry fruits and chocolates along the way.
The route till here had sceneries of snow capped mountains on ones right side. Bahagirathi river gushing down hills. And beautiful trees covering the hill slopes. There were places where  wooden planks were placed to provide a temporary  path. 

Crystal clear stream of water was flowing on the mountains every here and there. So one thing you need not be tense about is availability of drinking water. It was pure, sweet , a bit chilling though.
We had only two bottles with us and kept refilling them at such spots. 

Having our stomach filled with the awesome Chirvasa food we continued the trek. Next point was Bhojbasa (Bhojvasa).  Bhojbasa is the official camping spot, with facilities provided by Uttarakhand tourism department and also some other trusts of the same area.
It is 7 kms from Chirbasa. The path continues to be same steepness and ruggedness though the fatigue was killing the  body now. Anyways the frequency of breaks in between increased.
We reached Bhojbasa by 3 pm.

People who had a well defined plan and those who were planning to trek to Tapovan called it a day here. And went to the camps in Bhojbasa.
One could clearly see the Bhagirathi peak from this spot and the entire view of silent landscape ruled by majestic mountains was enthralling in itself. During the trek we had gelled along well with some other trekkers who wished to continue to Gaumukh on the same day.
After half hour kind of break at Bhojbasa we moved ahead. 

The trek hereafter was tough. The path was not well defined. One had to go up and down on the rocks to move ahead. With the sun rays going slant across the earth the temperature also started dipping and legs had started saying why all this in one day.

But the company kept each other inspired to continue walking. And slowly and steadily we reached Gaumukh, the glacier point from where river ganga originates.
It was exciting to stand there and think that this is the origin point of the divine  flow which entire country worships. The flow was very turbulent and water was freezingly cold.

It was already getting late. We spent some 20 mins at the spot and then started going back.
By this time we had understood that it would be impossible to go down all the way to Gangotri now. So we decided to take stay at Bhojbasa.

We reached back Bhojbasa by 6:30 pm. Saurabh was in decent state, i was lifeless though when we reached there. Just wished to lie down on a bed without wasting a single second. Got two beds in Uttarakhand tourisms camps and laid down.  After having a short energy reviving nap for an hour got up to have dinner. Facilities in this camp were excellent and food was too good. Who would have imagined hot chapatis with amazing dal fry at such heights.

We did not spend much time awake after dinner and had a sound sleep.

Day 4 & 5

There is never so much fun in returning from the amazing places. During our walk down slope we were discussing how everything seemed like a magick now. Anyways we had started trekking down to Gangotri by 7 am. Had a halt a Chirbasa once again and enjoyed one of the most amazing maggie once again in two days.

We reached Gangotri somewhere around 1 PM. Had  lunch and some rest. Then we started our bike journey back to new delhi.

In the path we halted at Gangnani to take bath in the holy kund of boiling water.

It was hassle to return to home town now. We were already on un informed leaves in our respective offices.  On day 4 we halted at some place 30 kms ahead of Uttarkashi.

And by the evening of  day 5 we were at Anand Vihar , New Delhi, getting us clicked together. after scripting and fanta fabulous biking cum trekking trip.

Vishal Arora