MP, as we all know, is known for rich forests.
So once I got the opportunity to explore one of its heritage named Amarkantak situated on Maikal mountain range. Though our trip was spiritual, but it was adventurous too. For us who live in concrete jungles,its green beauty was totally stunning and mind blowing for us. its natural heritage was giving eternal peace to me. I wish I could stay there forever.
Our journey started from the holy city Varanasi, by road we reached Maihar devi temple, we bowed head in front of the Goddess and then we moved ahead towards Amarkantak.
Amarkantak has wide range of greenery. In its rich forest one can come across lions, elephants and many other animals, I myself came to see wild elephant from not too far.
Amarkantak is also the origin of two rivers, Narmada and river Sone.
River Narmada is the only Indian river which goes to Arabian sea and is also called the life line of Amarkantak.
we visited the place from where Narmada is originated. A Kund(pool or pond) has been made so as to take holy dip in the river, and the feeling was great which can only be felt and cannot be expressed in words, just near the kund there is temple of Narmada maiyya called Narmada temple.

Our next plan was to visit Sonemuda,the origin of river Sone. so we started to move forward. The route to that place was awesome, I just got myself lost in surrounding, both the sides of the road was fully covered with green and tall trees, leaves were dancing in wind and birds were singing as if they were welcoming us to their home.
A well has been constructed at the place of origin of river Sone, besides which there is an Ashram with saints inside. its surrounding was so very peace giving that one could forget all his sadness, appetite and just get lost in that admirable nature.
After that, the next day we went to see the Kapildhara waterfall (water actually coming from Narmada).
the place is heart touching as we can see mountains and dense forest.

Its was all together three days trip, we enjoyed various meals too, above all I enjoyed the water, after drinking the water of river Narmada coming from mountains, one can no more say water is tasteless. A person whose is red, who is full of anger and is he drinks that water, he will forget all his anger within seconds, this is the quality of water.
The local vaids use lots of Jadi-buties to make herbal remedies and they say to have herbal cure for some forms of Cancer too.
Overall it was a very nice trip, though some places left unvisited but whatever we could see and explore in mountains  gave us inner satisfaction that yes we spent some quality time in the lap of nature.

Praveen Kumar Mishra

Mukesh Singh


Beautiful temple...Seems you guys had great fun...Very nice images too :)