Durgapur, the steel city of West Bengal, is turning out to be a happening place. Thanks to the growth of malls like the Junction mall that offers immense scope for fun, food and entertainment for people of all ages. So, if you are in Durgapur this weekend, make sure you check out the following popular as well as offbeat places.

Deul Park - If you love nature, then a trip to the Deul Park is a must. The park is a perfect hideaway from the buzz of the city. The park is bordered by Ajoy River and is frequented by flocks of elephants.  Considerable commercialization has taken place to accommodate water rides, a resort, lawns for picnics and so on. Stay up in the lodge for a night if you want to spend more than just a few hours there. One of the prime attractions of the place is the Ichai Park.

Ram Mandir - Durgapur is famous for its numerous temples. The Ram Mandir in the Bidhan Nagar Area is one of the most attractive temples. The temple, dedicated to Lord Ram, finds itself in the middle of a large garden. It is made of stone carved walls and is known to be the most beautiful temple of Durgapur.

Garh Jungle – A visit to the Garh Jungle should not be left incomplete without a visit to the Garh Jungle. It is also known as the Dharma Garh of Raja Surath. It is the very same place where Raja Surath performed Durga Puja under the guidance of Mahamuni Medhas. The place is believed to be one of the oldest in the country and even today, Durga Pooja is performed every evening in the jungle temple.

Troinka Park - It is another prime spot in Durgapur. The park offers a complete leisure time for the entire family with rides, water sports and boating, etc.

Benachity - It's a traditional Business Centre with the feel of a marketplace. The entire stretch is about 3 km in length with traditional shops on both sides. Small merchandise, handicrafts and wholesale items are sold here. The place is continuously expanding with notable shops. If you're a tourist, it's better to hop ona bus. Hiring a cab may create problems as the place is extremely crowded.

Kumaramangalam Park - The park is one of the biggest in the region. It has musical fountains and boating facilities and is located on Tilok Road in Durgapur. Out of the two entrances to the park, on one, there is a huge bronze Ganesha Idol while the other has beautiful statues of traditional Indian folk dance figures. There is even a toy train for kids that is operational only at times.

So, get set and explore the Steel City of West Bengal in all its essence.For more details visit http://junctionmall.in.

Prabir Kumar