Tada falls are also pouplarly known as Ubbalamdugu Falls. It is situated in Nellore district (Tada mandal) of A.P. It is not very far from Chennai , some 95 km. Overall it's a great place for trekking on weekend if one is in Chennai.

Reaching There:
One can reach TADA Falls by either train. You can get a train from chennai to sullurpeta or by vehicle  by taking redhill route which connects  NH5.
There is a nice parking spot for tourist vehicles at the Tada base camp. From the base camp it is 10 km mild trek to the top. The trekking path is along with the river stream originating from the falls top. During the trek one crosses an old Shiva temple. There are few ponds as well where one can take a dip and get refreshed for the rest of trek. Personally i found the pond closest to the top as best one and had great fun there.

My Journey to Tada Falls:
On 15th April, 2012, myself and some of my friends, Babu, Brijesh & Venkat Ramkrishna, started our trip to Tada falls from Brijesh Getz. We started at around 8 AM from Chennai, went via the redhill route towards NH5 to reach Tada via sullurpeta.
On the journey we took small breaks at Highway Coffee points where we had our breakfast and enjoyed the view as well. On the way to Tada, we got to see  'Oneness University', Mr. Kalki Bhagwan home, a marvelous marble building, and it looked grand. But, if you ask any Civil Engineer, he would wonder, why Marble is used as the Building Stone?
Note: Large portion of the land around sullurpeta (almost 50%), Nellore district is owned by the Kalki foundation. They run schools, camps in the area.

We took around 3 hrs to reach tada base camp and  parked our vehicle. During the trek we  carried with us  towels & shorts required to enjoy the waterfall streams. Its a moderately difficult trek following the waterfall stream. I would advise to carry good pair of trekking shoes, as the path is rocky and not very  well maintained. On weekend there are lot of tourists ,including families, who come at this site to have fun.

We started our trek at around 11AM and reached to the top by 1:30 pm. In between we took small halt for clicking images and relaxing, As i stated earlier there are ponds in between to take a bath & relax, but, I would strongly recommend to reach to the top first and enjoy the bath in lake at top.

The path to the top is pretty rugged and specially the final stretch near the top, is via a river stream, and good pair of shoes would be very handy. One who enjoys walking across water beds, climbing rocks, would love this part of trek, as the walk is through the stream, and one must climb small rocks in between to carry out the trek towards  top. 

At the top there is  monstrous  25 foot rock mountain which is pretty difficult to climb, but from my personal experience i would say that it is  worth every bit of the effort. During the rainy season, one can actually view the stream but, during summers, the fall is hardly visible (unless one takes the risk to swim through  the pound at top). The view from the top is mesmerising.

After reaching the top, we relaxed in the pool of water, and got our-self refreshed to start our journey back to the base camp.

On our return, we went to our friend Chiru's home at sullurpeta to enjoy the Non-veg lunch.

Hari K