Mostly and so rightly said that there is no love sincere than the love for food. One cannot sleep well, love well, and think well, if one has not dined properly. Food of a place, country, city, is one of the most important element of its beautiful and vibrant tradition. It tells a lot about the kind of natives who reside in the region, the common vegetation and the tastes and preferences of its people. Life is too uncertain to miss out on good food. It’s not about calories nutrients and calories but love, sharing, honesty and identity.

Famous foods that you must try when in Madhya Pradesh are:

1. Poha – poha or more appropriately the Indore poha is a form of rice that is given the form of flakes and is one of the most famous foods coupled with jalebi and enjoyed by the people in Madhya Pradesh. This snack is easy to digest. This state has a nickname “the Heart of India”. Cooked with many veggies – onion and peanuts, is not only the favourite but has been adopted by all Indians as a healthy snack. Having a dry climate as a central province, poha becomes the best choice with green chillies, curry leaves and lemon.

2. DAL BAFLA – This food is a close cuisine of the dal bati in Rajasthan. Dal bafla is equally famous. One can find the preparation of this dish during special occasions in Madhya Pradesh. Bafla are crispy wheat balls that are baked in heat and are served with pickles and curry. The Dal Bafla of Vyas Dal Bhati in Ratlam is very famous. In indore, you can find this dish at Rajhans in the Safara market. The dal is usually eaten with bafla. It takes time to prepare a tasty food, but when you cook dal bafla and serve it, and then all the praises are worth the time spend.

3. Bhopali gosht korma – this is one of the delectable cuisines of the place and has got its influence from the Mughlai cuisine. This is a nawabi cuisine with large variety of spices mixed together. Meat properly marinated in the Indian spice, forms the bhopali gosht korma. The best korma will be served to you in Bhopal itself.

4. Seek kebabs – Madhya Pradesh strongly feels – why to have abs when you can have kebabs. Being a central province, the cuisine of Madhya Pradesh is highly influenced by the Mughal cuisines. This part of the country serves one of the most amazing Mughalai styled food palates. Seek kebab is a non vegetarian dish, pretty famous among the Madhya Pradeshis. Here, the meat is cooked very delicately, presented in a wrap long with some veggies. This can active you taste buds and you can find the best kebabs in Bhopal.

5. Bhutte ka kees – this is a typical street food and almost all street nooks and corner serve the same type of recipe. It is popular as well as delicious. This is a speciality from Indore and is lot similar to the crushed and sautéed corn (danchi golichina makkalu). This preparation of corn has diminished with time. If you have not tasted it, u have missed out on a lot as the corns are taking over the markets in India.

6. Papad ki sabzi – the crisp snack papad is tossed with some curd and handful of spices to create a lip smacking treat called the papad ki sabzi. It goes well with both rice and wheat breads or roties.

7. Rogan josh – this is an excellent Nawabi dish along with other meat dishes. This is an dish of Persian origin and is a signature recipe in Kashmir cuisine too. The Filfora restaurant in Bhopal is an ideal place if you want to taste and experience is aromatic lamb dish.

8. Mawa Bati – it is one sweet in Bhopal, you just cannot miss. This has a similarity with the gulaab jamun which is fried mawa stuffed with dry fruits but is a bigger version of the gulaab jamun. Hawker’s corner at 6 no. stop in Bhopal serves the best mawa bati chaat and other street foods.

9. Biryani pilaf – for all the biryani lovers, Bhopal serves the best biryani in India. The Indians have a long and historic love affair with biryani pilaf. In Bhopal, it is also called the mutton pulav served with zarda which is a south asian sweet dish created by boiling rice with colouring, milk and sugar and dry fruits. The biryani pilaf at Chatori gali serves the best biryani which is incredibly cheap too.

10. Lavang lata – lavan lata is a famous sweet dish in Khandwa and Madhya Pradesh. Rich in flavor and dry fruits, the wheat flour is mixed with grated coconut, almonds, pistachio, and cashews along with spices like cardamom and cloves. It is then fried and dipped in two string sugar syrup.

11. Kusli – prepared in the whole of the Madhya Pradesh, kusli is a form of cookie made up of wheat flour stuffed with sweet stuffing of dry fruits and other ingredients. Grated coconut, cardamom powder and almost powder give it an essential flavor and taste.

12. Khopra pak – this is a delicious sweet which has become pretty famous in Madhya Pradesh. Mawa or thickened sweet milk is the main item of this flavoured coconut based dessert which is further flavoured by the addition of cardamom and saffron. The sweet has a soft texture and is light. 

Ayushi Arora