Singapore is good, seriously good! It is a country where you can always find polite smiling women giving you those feel-good feelings. It is a destination where the beaches may not be at par with those of Thailand but do have their righteous share of skimpily clad hot girls! Singapore is a holiday spot where you can find bars, spas and clubs as easily as you can find good restaurants, luxurious resorts and animal parks.

But wait, if you thought that I am being licentious (it means ‘lewd’ or ‘vulgar’ by the way in case you didn’t know), then let me bring your attention to Singapore Night Safari!

The best holiday packages incorporate this safari wonder. It is an extravaganza you must not miss out on. It is an escapade which will give you a jolt of adrenaline. It is an experience which will leave you just inches away from big cats and mammals and reptiles (size doesn’t matter).

Oh, enough of those blandishments! Coming straight to the point- Singapore night safari is a unique safari which enables you to enjoy a guided tour to a forest after nightfall. The concept is unique since the normal wildlife parks everywhere else in the world have strict daytime timings.

This park or forest is attached to the premise of the Singapore Zoo. Most tourists visit the zoo during the daytime, spend their whole day chattering amongst the animals and then slip into the safari mode after sunset.

The safari journey commences from 6 pm and there are various time slots, leading up to the final hour of 10 pm. There is also a restaurant inside the park and some basic facilities so that you can get refreshments or supper!

It is an award-winning concept since visitors enjoy view of the animals during their ‘me’ time! Special light is used to offer visibility in the darkness.

Singapore, with such attractions, makes for a great romantic and honeymoon getaway. But if you are pressed for time or money, then Goa can be an alternate destination.

Goa itinerary can be handpicked even customized, to suit your tastes and timings. Goa is a fabulous beach destination, as you must already be aware. But it wears more garbs than what meets the eye! Beyond the beaches, Goa has a mélange of other sightseeing attractions- ranging from heritage churches to incandescent waterfalls to friendly lakes to enticing wildlife sanctuaries to flea markets to casinos to clubs to bars! Oh, Goa can be erotic, seductive and so utterly romantic!

Manya Singh