I will be breaking down this trip to Sikkim into various blogs. And each of the smaller blog would primarily cover the main travel points. Before all this let me throw some light on the on our itinerary.

Before I start detailing the trip let me tell that this was the first time when I had planned the trip in such detail. Basically I had booked a package for the entire trip through TravelTriangle.com. And my experience with all the arrangement was very nice.

Varanasi -> Kolkata -> Bagdogra -> Gangtok -> Lachung -> Lachen -> Gangtok -> Bagdogra -> Kolkata - > Varanasi

People generally have Darjeeling included in the itinerary during the trip to Sikkim. It was a  deliberate decision at my end  to not include Darjeeling in order to avoid too much travel and enjoying the destinations fully.

Well we (myself and my better half) started our journey from Varanasi on 15th of May 2013. We did not have a very good start as the train got delayed by some 6 hrs. We reached Kolkata by midnight and stayed at my Masi’s place.

Next day we had our flight to Bagdogra airport. And by 2pm we were at Bagdogra airport. The pickup cab was already at the airport and the travel agents gave us a copy of the entire itinerary, just for review though.

It was a 4 hr drive to Gangtok. The roads were not in very good condition as National Highway construction was going on but serene beauty that started appearing after an hours drive was more than a compromise. We had our lunch in a simple and decent restaurant in our way only.

One does not have many options of food if one is vegetarian. More often than not you will be getting dal and rice. But once you are in Gangtok there are ample restaurants and good hotels providing variety of good food.

We were staying at Crown De La Cruz Residency. The hotel room was nice and cozy. 

The part that I loved most was the great view of valley that the windows threw to us.

The entire valley looked scintillating covered in layers of clouds. Mountain peaks seemed to play hide and seek with us beneath foamy clouds.

After getting fresh and taking rest for an hour we went for a walk in city. City of gangtok has a very nice feel attached to it. It is much more cleaner than many of the hill stations in India and citizens abide by the laws in a very disciplined manner.

We could not continue our walk for long as it started drizzling and rainfall seemed imminent.  So we returned to the hotel. The buffet had already been served by the timed we returned. The food was simple and tasty. And the hospitality of the hotel staff just added to taste.

This summed up the day for us. Gangtok looked beautiful. And we were excited about the trip ahead.  

Vishal Arora