A trip to Goa along with college friends was always on the cards ever since we had passed out from college. But somehow things could not be figured out properly since 2007 and the Goa trip kept getting postponed.

It was Mranal aka Mnaual, who initiated the trips idea again on his visit to India in December. And the planning started. With guys in group not getting readily prepared me n manual decided that we would go whether people join in or not. Probably this decision was the game changer. And suddenly the flock started getting bigger and in the end crew consisted of Yogesh Rana , Nidhan Singh , Rachit Jaiwant , Rajesh Fulwani apart from myself and Manual.

It was not typically the new year celebration, we reached Goa on 6th Jan 2012. Mranal and I were reaching there from New Delhi. Rachit joined us from Mumbai and Rajesh from  Banglore.  We had already booked a resort for ourselves near Kalingute beach. The resort was spacious and cosy and also had nice swimming pool inside.

After taking some rest at resort. We started our goan fun story. First task in hand was to get decent bikes. We took two cruiser model bikes for our fun in the coolest beach city in the country. Without wasting much time we went to the beach side area, where we greeted ourselves with great sea food. And do I need to add that sea food tastes amazing along with beer. 

After spending some time on caligute beach we started our search for the happening discos in the town. It was disappointing to know that the best ones told by locals did not allow stag entries. Any ways we enquired more and came to know of one hell of a happening spot which used to be opened all night . Pub was called Curlis.

The disc was at a lovely but solitary beach, nothing much apart from it. But it was thronged with foreigners. It was pretty late when we reached there. The disc had trance being played. Bar had fosters being served. And both gelled up particularly well to get us hign and give us a damn good time.

Left this place at some where around 4 am. My love for photography woke me up early on the next day. Others seemed to enjoy the sleep. Had to drag out Mranal out of bed for company. Clicked some nice pics on the beach and came back. 

The day was lethargic best after that. Though we did reach the beach area again some time in after noon. Did bargaining to our very best capabilities to get the most discounted price for water sports at the beach. The most enjoyable and  the best I can remember was the banana ride among the entire package.

It was time again for some nice prawn rice with lovely pints. The shack where we had our lunch had very soothing to ears Goan music being played.

After that we visited Aguda fort to utilize the rest of after noon.

Evening schedule was already planned to be the entire Indian youth favorite Dil chahta hai spot at Chapora fort near vagaotor beach. Vagator beach is one of its kind stony beach and was my personal favorite. Witnessing the sun set over here was a treat to eyes.  

We went back to the resort to get fresh before starting next night's bash. It was around this time only when Rana and Nidhan reached goa and joined us in the fun carnival.

After their long drive from Bangalore to goa, they were intoxicated in its own fun and tired ness and were in no mood of going to disco. So it was decided that it would be nice dinner on the sea shore in open shacks along with with golden memories of college being unfolded and obviously many more unknown chapters to be discussed in life after college. It was amazing how the night passed away mixed in the laughter of old and new stories.

Well obviously next day was again supposed to be lazy one. Went to some beach in day time don't remember the name now. Spent some fun time in water and rest of time in shack eating prawn curry with rice. Evening was again spent at Chapora fort. 

Went to Titos, well known local disco for evening bash. Hindi numbers played at the disc added to the fun and sitting  with old friends on beach night long with coffee and plain chit chat made it immemorial.

Next morning Rana, Nidhan and Rajesh left for banglore. Rachit had  flight some time in after noon. Mranal and I had a flight in evening. We used up this time by visiting some old monuments and churches of the city. 

We caught the evening flight to return to Delhi.

Writing this blog almost two years after it happened makes me go into beautiful memory lanes. Hope guys who  read it would also enjoy it.

Vishal Arora