Nandi Hills :


Approximately 60 km from Bangalore, the ancient hill fortress of Nandi Hills makes for an excellent weekend getaway, or a daytrip. Actually, scratch that. Here's a tip: it's best visited on weekdays or early in the morning when it remains free of boisterous crowds. Four rivers -- Arkavathy, Penner, Palar and Ponnaiyar -- are believed to originate in the Nandi Hills complex, which includes a number of surrounding smaller hills. Many of these sources are now dry. It is a popular destination with bird-watchers, trekkers and photographers. The 4850-feet-tall hill was fortified by the 'Tiger of Mysore' Tipu Sultan to hold off British forces until it fell to Lord Cornwallis' forces in 1791. Atop the summit are several buildings including a bungalow that housed Mahatma Gandhi. The monolithic statue of the Nandi bull known locally as Nellikai Basavanna, carved in the Chola style, is 10 feet long and 6 feet tall.

And you thought you could get such pics only from a flight eh ? :P

We planned an impromptu trip at 2am. Called a cab. The cab charged 1.6K up n down from Kormangala. It took us an hour approx. I'm a little fuzzy bout the drive to Nandi.. was busy tripping to you know what. We reached a little early. So we had to wait.
Yes the camera has a shake. Now stop judging!

This is what Bangalore looks like in the night !

We were kinda hungry, there's this joint at the entrance to Nandi hills that sells maggi n omelets. By the time we were done hogging, the gates opened.

Trekking to the top is also a very good idea!!

Now the top. You've gotta pay some 30rs for going to the top.

The top of the hill has gardens. So stroll around. Just dont get lost in the fog!

Early morning " ON THE ROCKS" - if you know what I mean :p

There are a lot of monkeys. Keep distance from them.

Waiting for someone ?? :P

Ruins of Tipu Sultan's get-away

This is at the most a 2/3 hour visit stop. But make sure you get there early in the morning and capture some insanely awesome pics!!

Mohit Sinha

Vishal Arora


there are two things very amazing about this blog...

1. it takes you to back your college days memories when you dont care about anything
2. Images and narration is so spontaneous that you feel like visiting it the next morning.