Balaji Temple or Hanuman ji Temple is famous temple of Rajasthan and is about 280 km away from Delhi and that of 3km from Jaipur.

It is situated in the town of Salasar near Sujangarh in Churu district, Rajasthan and thus is also called as Salasar Balaji Temple. It is attraction of many devotees from all over the places and is generally crowded on special occasion and mostly on Tuesday and Saturday as it is the special day considered to be that of Hanuman ji.

We travelled from Delhi and reached Salasar Balaji Temple at about 5 P.M by cab and stayed in nearby Dharamshala.  In next morning we went for Balaji darshan , and bought parshad Sawa Mani inside the temple, we also purchased some pedas (sweets) from outside shops near temple which was very delicious.

According to the belief  One Jat farmer of Asota village was digging up the soil when he found the Idol and appearance of  dream to Thakur of village and devotee of Hanuman Mohandas Maharaj, Idol was send to Churu district and placed in Salasar. It is unique Idol all over the world as it possess rounded face with moustache and beard. Artistic work inside is done in Gold and Silver and mostly door and utensils which are used in worshiping is made up of Silver. 

Near to the temple is Rani Sati Temple, Jeen Mata amd Khatushyamji Temple and also Samadhi of Sri Mohandas Maharaj ji.

After praying to God we did some shopping at the market outside the temple. People offers prayers, many rituals are performed and belief is that who comes to Salasar temple his or her wishes do comes true.

After doing shopping and visit to temples we went back happily with faith that our wish will be fulfilled by Salasar Balaji and we will pay visit again.  


Sonia Singla