Baglamukhi Temple is one of the historic  Temple of  Mahabharata Time located in Bankhandi,  Kangra. It can be reached by cab and bus. It is about approx. 418 km from Delhi and is about approx. 24 km  before Kangra on Ranital Dehra Road. 

We started our Journey from Delhi and after taking a break for lunch and Tea  we reached Baglamukhi Temple around 6.00 P.M. On the way we found many monkeys, some of them we feed by giving bananas and bread.  We have already booked our room near Temple  and after reaching we took a rest for a while before joining for the evening prayers in Temple.

Baglamukhi Temple is one of the powerful hindu Goddess  Temple, she  controls tongue and defeat enemies, and thus most  prayers and worship here is done to defeat enemies. Yellow is the favorite  color of Maa Baglamukhi and  thus all the walls of temples is colored yellow. It is a belief that during worship wearing yellow clothes and donating yellow clothes make Baglamukhi Goddess happy.

In early morning on next day, we too performed hawans and worship  Bagalmukhi Goddess which is also known as Pitambra Maa by wearing yellow clothes, it was almost peaceful atmosphere with chanting  sound of Maa Baglamukhi mantra  Om Baglamukhi Saravdhustana Vacham Mukham Padam Satambhya Jivah kilay-2 Budhi Vinashay -2 Om Phoot Sawah making the atmosphere almost beautiful.

We brought parsad from the shops nearby the temple and eated at langar in afternoon and at night which was just delicious. There were some monkeys near the temple whom we feed by giving parsad.

In the temple Main worship is of Maa Baglmukhi , outside lies big Idol of Hanuman ji and Bhairav ji on other side, and downside lies Shiva temple where we worship Shivling. In the main Temple  there lies a Akhand Jyoti which glows all the time.

After spending night over there in Temple, next day in early morning after worshiping Goddess and having tea  we started our  journey back to our home. We hope to visit next time again to get the blessing of Goddess Baglamukhi.

Sonia Singla