I have been born and brought up in Madhya Pradesh. So I always had small trips to many travel destinations in the state. I don't really remember the details of each and every trip. But Mandu and Jabalpur are specially close to my heart. So in this blog i will try to compile the list of places I believe are worth visiting in Mandu and Jabalpur with a small description about these cities as well.


Mandu, a place less known , lost its shining Glory with moving time but when  you reach there you are lost in its royal past, you can feel the romance in air, the romance of nature with the quite stones & offcourse who can forget the fairy tale love story of poet Prince Baz Bhadur & his beautiful consort Rani Roomati.
Perched along the Vindhya ranges at an altitude of 2,000 feet, Mandu, with its natural defenses, was originally the fort capital of the Parmar rulers of Malwa. And indeed the pervading spirit of Mandu was of gaiety; and its rulers built exquisite palaces like the Jahaz and Hindola Mahals, ornamental canals, baths and pavilions, as graceful and refined as those times of peace and plenty.
The main attractions are:

JAHAZ mahal- Situated between two artificial lakes, this two storied architectural marvel is so named as it appears as a ship floating in water, served as a harem for the sultan.

HINDOLA mahal-Hindola Mahal - meaning Swing palace is so named due to its sloping side walls, although it dosent swing The Hindola Mahal may have been used as an audience chamber.

ROOPMATI pavilion-A large sandstone structure originally built as an army observation post it is known today as Roopmati's Pavilion. Rani Roopmati - the love interest of Baaz Bahadur lived here and is said to have gazed at the Baz Bahadur's Palace - situated below and also at Narmada river, flowing through the Nimar plains far below, a river which the queen revered.

BAZ BAHADUR palace- Built by Baz Bahadur, this 16th-century structure is famous for its large courtyards encompassed by large halls and high terraces. It is situated below Roopmati's Pavilion and can be seen from the pavilion.
HOSHANG SHAH tomb- India's first marble structure, it is one of the most refined examples of Afghan architecture. Its unique features include the beautifully proportioned dome, intricate marble lattice work and porticoed courts and towers. It served as a template for the construction of Taj Mahal.

MANDU can be reached-
Nearest airport is at Indore (99 km), connected with Mumbai, Delhi and Bhopal.
 Regular bus services connect Mandu with Indore, Dhar, Mhow, Ratlam, Ujjain and Bhopal. Best season: July to March.
 Convenient railheads are Ratlam (124 km ) on the Mumbai-Delhi main line and Indore (99 km).

I recommend September to November as the best time to visit. After monsoon the platue  is covered with green carpet & the monuments start glowing as they have done their makeover after monsoon showers.


Jabalpur is considered as one of the big cities in Madhya Pradesh & when u see the map of India  it seems to the central point of the country. It's an  ancient city which flourished on the banks of river Narmada , with changing time it emerged as a cosmopolitan city & got a nick name "Sanskardhani" means-capital of various cultural influences.
There are many tourist attractions in the city , some of these are-

Dhuadhar Fall
Its a famous waterfall  located just 25 km from Jabalpur. Its called-Dhuandhar because 'Dhuan' is the Hindi word for smoke & dhar/dhara means stream. The Narmada River after passing the Marble Rocks narrows down & fall from height thus become to become a foggy/smoky waterfall. It feels so soothing when little water droplets falls on your face. There is also ropeway service for those who want to see the waterfall from above.

Its nearby the dhuandhar fall, here you can have a inimitable experience of boat ride because Narmada  flows  between marble rocks. When the sunlight falls on white marble they start glittering & one can see their reflection in flowing water. No doubt  why  this scenic beauty has been favourite shooting location for many Bollywood filmmakers .

Chausatyogini Temple-
 It is a very ancient temple build in10th century dedicated to lord Shiva. It has exquisitely carved 64 stone figures of deities (only few of them exist now) in its courtyard. According to a local legend, this ancient temple is connected to the Gond Queen Durgavati's palace through an underground passage.

Madan Mahal-
This old fort has been built by the Gond ruler, Raja Madan Shah, in 1116 on the top of a rocky hill, the fort dominates the skyline and provides a panoramic view of the town and the country side around it.

Balancing Rock-
Jabalpur is also famous for an eroded volcanic rock formations called Balancing Rock. Its really amazing to see such how such a big rock is balancing itself in such a little space.  This rock is en route to the Madan-Mahal .

Bargi Dam-
It is a multipurpose project on river Narmada. It's also a tourist spot, recently the local authorities have started a cruise boat which runs on the reservoir of Bargi dam.

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