I have never been a very religious person but somehow there was an urge to visit Kumbh fair.
On expressing my thoughts to some of my friends I realised that there were some in friends group as well who were equally interested in attending the holiest bath destination in hindu religion.

Let me first brief about Kumbh. It is believed to be the largest religious gathering on earth is held every 12 years on the banks of the Sangam in Allahabad. The religious fare alternates between Nasik, Allahabad, Ujjain and Haridwar every three years. The one celebrated at the Holy Sangam in Allahabad is the largest and holiest of them.
For more details one can see wiki link : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kumbh_Mela

Probably the enticing factor for most of us was to see things being managed at such larger than life levels where belief in religion pulls in people in such great numbers and other reason was to see the saints and babas who were being covered so much in media recently.

Anyways myself, Ashish and Abhinav were the crew members finally. It was almost clear to us that we would not get train ticket. Though we made a futile attempt and finally booked bus  tickets from new delhi to kanpur.  How to go from Kanpur to allahabad for both the sides was left undecided.

We started our journey on Friday  25 Jan 2013. Bus was pretty much on time. Reached kanpur by 6 Am in morning. After some discussion we decided that taking train would be a better option. Here was the glitch. Boarded the train but it was late by some 4 hrs. So we reached allahabad by 3 Pm in evening.

Anyways after taking a hotel room in civil lines area and getting fresh. We went to Sangam the place where the kumbh fair is organised. The entire space in which the fare was being organised is really larger than life space. There were camp spaces given to various hindu religious groups. Our first goal was to visit Sangam. Sangam actually means confluence and in allahabad river ganga , yamuna and mythical saraswati meet each other. It was late evening and little cold so
we decided to visit the place again next morning for taking bath.

The river looked beautiful with reflection of light shimmering all over it. 

We also visited some of the camps and saw saints and babas engrossed in their prayers. It was a typical feeling to observe that their are so many of them who have left all the attachments of this materialistic world and selected a life of their own. 

There was lot of walking and it was not after long when we retired and decided to go back to our hotel room. Had nice marwari food and rabri(a sweet delicacy made from milk) near station area.

We were all very tired and got into sound sleep soon we reached room.

Next morning was an early one. We managed to reach the Sangam area by 8 Am. Roamed around in the area. I know that i am reiterating the stuffs but really the scale at which this religious hindu fiesta was being organised was mind blowing in itself. There were arrangements like fire brigades and ambulances available and the police staff available made sure that no one had any kind of problem.

After some roaming around we went to the bank of the river to take the holy dip. It is believed if you take holy bath in kumbh all your sins are washed away and moksha for the cycle of life and death is achieved. Though I have never pondered over this belief but there was a good feeling coming in performing the ceremony.

We visited some more camps after taking bath and like last evening tiredness was very obvious after walking in the huge arena. When our legs finally said sorry we returned from the kumbh space. Came back to kanpur via up state bus and had a volvo booked for returning back to new delhi.

After returning to new delhi i came to know through news channels that 45 lac of humanity took dip in ganges the very day i was there. Numbers in itself are enough to leave any one awestruck. So was me. Was really an experience of its kind.

Vishal Arora