Bidar situated at the Northern Tip of Karnataka, is well connected with major cities. It is around 125 kms from Hyderabad, connect via NH9. The City has rich historical monuments, build around Bahmani Era; The primary attraction of the place are, the 'Bidar Fort', considered as one of the biggest in India and 'Narasimha Jhira Cave Temple'.

My Travel

I started my travel at around 9AM from Madhapur, Hyderbad. It took the NH9 (Mumbai / Pune) route. It is a straight route all the way till Zaheerabad (Miyapur -> BHEL-> Patancheru -> Nadi Kandi -> Zaheerabad), and from Zaheerabad, we need to take right turn to reach Bidar. The highway roads are OK type (with multiple potholes in between), but, the green landscape along the way makes up for the potholes :). The Last stretch of 25 Kms (Karnataka State Highway region) is pretty awesome to drive. I cruised at around 60-70 Kms/Hr, and reached Bidar in around 3 hours.

As soon as we reach Bidar, the first major attraction is the 'chaubara', a old cylindrical clock tower, situated at the center of the city. Once, we cross the Chaubara, it is a straight route to Bidar Fort. One the way, we have 'Mohamad Gawan Madrasa'; its ancient ruins speaks volumes about its past grandeur.

The Bidar fort is strongly guarded, the main citadel complex is surrounded by two stone walls. As we enter the fort, the 1st attraction is 'Gagan Mahal', it has a beautiful garden with fountain. From this point onwards, we need to travel on foot, as Vehicle travel is restricted beyond this point (at-least for tourists). 

The Fort houses some great structures, Noubat Khana (Music Gallery), Diwan-I-Am, Rangeen Mahal, Tarkash Mahal to name a few. The fort has rich green landscape which make the whole place very surreal. Trekking around the fort and exploring the ruins makes the experience cherish-able. From the watch tower, in the fort, one can view the entire fort and the areas around the fort. One can visit the fort between 10AM to 5PM.

My Next stop was Ashtoor, Bahamni Tombs, it is around 4 kms from Bidar Fort (on the way to Narasimha Jhira Cave Temple). The Tombs are erected in a row, which gives the whole structure an impressive look.

My Last stop was 'Narasimha Jhira Cave Temple'. It is an old temple of Lord Narasimha. The temple in situated in a cave (around 91 meters), where the water level reaches up to 4 Feet. The carved image of Narasimha swamy (on a stone wall) is situated at the end of the cave. The cave is dimly lighted with tube-lights. It is an elevating experience, wading through the waist deep water to reach the deity. One can visit the temple during between 8AM in morning till 6PM in evening.

Apart from these places, we have Dev Dev Vana, a botanical garden, situated around 10 Kms from Bidar, which is worth a visit, esp. if we are traveling with children.

I started my travel back to Hyderabad at around 4PM, On my way back, I had my delayed lunch at SVCC restaurant, situated around 20Kms from bidar. The place is well kept and serves some good Vegetarian meal. It took me similar time (~3hours) to reach back to my place.


  • Travel with proper gears (helmet, shoes, protectors), as NH9 has heavy vehicle traffic.
  • To enjoy the place, Pick a day with pleasant climate (Avoid Hot days), as it involves trekking.
  • Carry additional dress wear, if you are planning to visit 'Narasimha Jhira Cave Temple'. Changing rooms are available at the shrine.
  • If planning to buy Bidriware, explore shops around Chaubara.

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