Warangal is a Historical World Heritage site, located at around 150Kms from Hyderabad. The newly laid highways offers an amazing drive and the landscape around the highway makes the drive even more pleasant and enjoyable.

The Route I followed isHitech City -> Koti -> Uppal -> Yadigirigutta -> Aler -> Kazipet -> Warangal

The Journey:

I started my journey to Warangal at around 12Noon, along with my Colleague, Thanks to T.G.I.F Fun :D :D. The initial plan was to visit Warangal and on the way back head to Yadigirigutta before calling it a day. But, due to delay, the plan was narrowed to visiting only Warangal. Thanks to the day traffic, it took us around 2hours to cross Uppal and hit the highway.

Once we cross uppal, and hit the highway, it is an awesome drive from their on, all the way to Kazipet. The routes are well laid out along the rocky terrain. We constantly touched 80-90 KMPH speed. The rock hills along the way offers a good scenic view. The whole journey from Hyderbad to Warangal is around 150Kms. It took us around 3hours to reach Kazipet/Warangal.

At Warangal, we had our lunch (South Indian thali) at Hotel Ashoka. Relayed a bit, and started towards our 1st destination, Thousand Pillar Temple.

The Thousand Pillar temple were build by kakatiyas (King Rudra Deva) in 1163 AD. The temple had worship places of three Hindu deities, Shiva, Vishnu & Brahma. But, these were destroyed during Tughlaq kings invasionWhat we see now are the restored remains by the temple. Although, Prayers are still offered at the Shiva temple.  The whole temple is build using pillar structure, their aren't any wall structure. The temple reminds us on the age-old glory the temple offered. 

After Thousand Pillar Temple our next destination was the Warangal Fort. The Fort was completely destroyed during the Tughlaq Invasion. What now remains are the assembled pieces of the lost glory.





Next to the Warangal Fort, We have a park with a inbuilt water reservoir (lake). Near to lake we have rock, which has a watching tower. One can view the whole Warangal city from the watching tower (and the encroachment around the World Heritage Site).

The Next Stop was the beautiful Bhadrakali Temple, It is one of the oldest temples for Goddess Bhadrakali in India. The Temple is located near Bhadrakali Temple, which further glorifies the Aura of the temple. 

By the time we finished our Warangal Trip, it was close to 8PM. And, we started our Journey back to Hyderbad. Small drizzles accompanied us all along the way. We reached Hyderbad at around 11PM, and headed straight to Paradise to get hold of late-night Biryani parcels. And, then to our respective places.

P.S. Junta Start early, to avoid City Traffic & esp. if one wants to visit Yadigirigutta also :)

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