Nagarjuna Sagar Dam is one of iconic post independence engineering design structures in India. It is build across River Krishna and falls in Nalgonda District. People heading towards Guntur from Hyderabad pass via this bridge. And, it was one of my Guntur friends comments on the Dam & its surrounding, that propelled me to take this trip to Nagarjuna sagar.

The Route

I took the route via Jubliee Hills -> Charminar & Ibrahimptanam, and then continuing my journey on the Nagarjuna sagar Road.

My Route: Hyderabad -> Charminar -> NagarjunaSagar Dam

The Journey:

I started early for the location, as I new it would be a long ride (around 170+ KMS). Starting at Madhapur, I reached Charminar at around 9AM. Had my breakfast at the famous Irani Tea, and then headed towards Ibrahimpatnam to connect to Nagarjuna Sagar Road.

My planning to cross city limits in the minimum time, took a u-turn, due to weekend markets and TRS rally. It actually took me close to an hour and half to cross the city limits. Considering the distance to travel, I decided not to take any more halts and take the next stop only when at Nagarjuna Sagar. It was a good long drive via small towns/villages. 

After, close to 3 and half hours drive, I had the 1st glimpse of the dam, which I mistook to be the actual NagarJuna dam site, and was slightly disheartened, But, as drove past it, to find a suitable place to halt and shoot few pics, I founded out that, it was Section-1 of the dam, So, I with a faint smile and now an etching bump, I continued my journey. The drive from Section-1 site till NagarJuna Sagar is pretty awesome, its hill ride offering great view and an awesome driving pleasure. Along the drive, we could see the reservoir back waters. 

At the entrance of the NagarJuna Sagar, we have a APTDC tourism spot which offers details about the site and has a park and Restaurant. But, I decided to continue my journey. As, I crossed NagarJuna Sagar, I had the first glimpse of the Huge Dam and its huge water reservoir. It was mesmerizing experience. I immediately, halted my bike to admire the view and take few snaps. The people around, advised me to go further to the actual dam site. So, I continued the Journey. I went past the bridge heading towards Guntur, to  reach the ground site of the dam. 

The entrance of the dam is restricted, but, its an open ground site, till the barricades. I halted my bike, to take some rest and enjoy the Jam fruits, which I brought from a fruit seller neat the dam. The cool breeze, with the awesome view of the dam and its reservoir took all the journey tiredness. Their is also a small temple, which is open for devotees.

On my return Journey, I halted at the APTDC Restaurant situated at the NagarJuna Sagar, had the Andhra special lunch. And, then followed my journey back to Hyderabad, which took me around 4 and half hours.

As soon as I reached, Hyderabad, I halted for a quick snack and Tea, and headed straight to my room for a quick Hot shower and a much needed rest (esp. for my paining Bump).

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