Bhongir Fort, situated on Hyderabad - Warangal Highway, at around 50Kms from Hyderabad, is an apt place for a good 1-day trek. The fort is strategically build on top of a Huge Single piece rock (Monolithic), in 10th century by Chalukya ruler Tribhuvanamalla Vikramaditya VI. It is spread across 50 Acre land, is located at around 600Feets above sea level. The fort has witnessed a glorious past under the rule of Kakatiya Queen Rudramadevi and her grandson Prataparudra II. Finally, it was taken over by Bahmani Sultans who renovated it in Bahmani Style.

Day of Trek:

I started (with a friend) for Bhongir at around 8AM in morning from my place at Madhapur, Hyderabad. We took the City route (Madhapur > Jubliee Hills > Begumpet > Secunderabad > Uppal) to reach the highway. It took us around an Hour to cross city limits. And, then on it is delightful ride on the well maintained Hyderabad - Warangal Highway. The Fort is clearly visible from few kilometers distance. I reached Bhongir at around 10:30AM.

The Fort is open between 10AM - 5PM for Tourists. As soon as we reached the fort, As advised by the Tourism person, we brought few few bottle's of water and started our trek to the top.The Steps are not clearly laid out, The tourism department is building steps to make the place easier to access (They also have a rope way planned it seems).

We started our trek along the Fort walls, In middle, one has to take a right to reach to the fort. But, we took a small detour, and continued our trek along the Fort walls. The de-tour has better landscape and offers some greenery. We reached to the maximum accessible place and cooled off for a bit. After around 30Mins, we started our way back, to continue with our trek to Fort.

The footsteps to the fort have been carved out from the rock, along the way one can view water barricades erected to store water. The climb to the top is around 20Mins.

The Top of Bhongir Fort offers a good view of the place around. At the top, we have a ruined Fort, and a Indian Railway Micro Wave Tower. The Small Fort (when compared with Golconda Fort / Bidar Fort) is build in Bahamani style. And, it offers tourists a relaxing place after a good trek.

We stayed on the top for around 15 Mins, and started our way back. We had our lunch in bhuvanagiri town. And, then started our journey back to Hyderabad. On our way back, the rain lord greeted us with some welcome shower, which made the return journey relaxing. It took us around 2hours to reach back to our places.


  • Pick a day with sunny weather for the Trip. And Plan to reach early to avoid Afternoon climb.
  • Carry Snacks and Drinking water, as the place doesn't offer any refreshments.
  • Wear good trekking shoes to make climb easier.
  • Wear complete Biking gear (Helmet, Glasses, Knee & elbow protectors).

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I love to explore historical sites and will make sure to go for Hyderabad asap after mine and hopeful it will remain a best thing to try out. Hope to enjoy trek there with mates will make our time remarkable.