What would your ultimate New Year’s Eve party entail? A fireworks display to end all fireworks displays? Endless supplies of champagne and nibbles? Or a full-blown feast consisting of many, many courses? However you choose to celebrate the end of one year and the start of the next, there is something no-one should be without – the company of loved ones.

The perfect way to see in the New Year is by hosting your very own New Year Eve party. This doesn’t have to be an overly fussy affair. If you prefer to keep things simple, then there are plenty of ways you can host a party that is memorable, fun and something you will want to do again the following year. Here’s how to throw the ultimate (and easiest) New Year’s Eve party:

Who to invite

Yes, the guest list. This is the starting point for your party planning and will be dictated by your budget. You want to get the right balance of party animals and wallflowers. Too many of the former and your party could get out of hand, too many of the latter and you could be left wondering if everyone is having a good time.

The food

If you are hosting a party for a number of people and you don’t want the night to descend into total drunken merriment then it’s good to offer food. Whether you go for a good supply of nibbles or a buffet-style meal, this will keep your guests happy and could help with damage limitation. Your best bet is to employ the services of an outside caterer. A great option would be a delicious and traditional Indian buffet. Indian food lends itself perfectly to a party, whatever time of year.

The drinks

For goodness sake, do not forget the drinks! As well as plenty of booze you also need to make sure you are catering for those guests who are not big drinkers or have drawn the short straw and acting as designated driver. People will generally not arrive at a party empty-handed but always over-order, just to be on the safe side.

The all-important countdown

Be creative about the countdown. Some ideas include popping a balloon on every chime of Big Ben, making a video countdown, or asking everyone to bring their own ‘noise-maker’ to sound at midnight.

However, if even the idea of hosting your own party is sending you into a cold sweat then there are plenty of alternatives. How about going out for a slap-up Indian meal in London? The capital is home to the oldest fine-dining Indian restaurant in the UK and is the perfect place to spend time with friends, family and your nearest and dearest.

In fact, the perfect accompaniment to the New Year’s Eve countdown has got to be authentic Indian food, served in opulent surroundings –so don’t wait for someone to invite you to their NYE do, book a table now and see in the New Year in style. And if you do host your own party, good luck – and don’t forget the catering!

Keira Rose