Espanol: 26/12/2011 "06/01/2012" Road Trip


Travelling is something that I have always enjoyed and can never have enough of. It doesn't come as a surprise, to me at least, that I usually remember most of the things quite vividly. This trip, like many others was just as impromptu. My friend, Mohit, and I had no real plans for Christmas and New Years. What could have been better! We booked our flights and made preliminary arrangements about the hotel bookings and car rentals about 1 week prior to our starting date. Below is a chronological summary (very briefly)!


Day 1: 26 December 2011

We landed in Frankfurt in the night and had it to ourselves. We ventured out and I still don't know why!


Day 2: 27 December 2011

Early morning flight with Lufthansa was, as always, quite nice. The only disappointment was the absence of vegetarian option. This augured well for Mohit. 

Our hotel was quite close to the La Rambla Street, in Barcelona. The place was relatively bustling and full of energy. 

We went out in the evening and had a nice dinner with sangria.


Day 3: 28 December 2011

We visited Camp Nou and witnessed the amazing history the BFC has.

The evening was spent checking out Sagrada Familia and other nearby places, each a masterpiece.


Day 4: 29 December 2011

We commenced the trip. Our first stop was Valencia to satisfy our empty stomachs. This was done on purpose so that we could see a bit of the city and at the same time have a decent meal. Needless to say, the city was again amazing. Even though we did not even stay there for a night, but by the look of things, it was very modern.


For the night we stayed in Granada. It was a small town with a retro look and feel. The people there were quite warm and welcoming.


There we also found something which is an epidemic in India. This monument wasn't in the same category as the ones defaced by many a love-bird in India, but still managed to evoke memories.

ally wanted to go to El Alliplano, but couldn't fit that in our schedule.

Another feature of our trip was the tolls. I never really understood the principles behind the charges, but over the course of our trip, we had already spent significant amount paying the tolls (without even realizing).

We then drove to Malaga, another well known town. Our stay was a bit outside the city, but it was a picturesque location. We had a nice lunch by the sea, in a beautifully located small restaurant.


Malaga city was also very nice, but it bore a deserted look in the evening. Or could it be that we happened to be in the wrong place?


Day 5: 30 December 2011

We drove to Seville in the morning. The place is famous for many things, but most well known for flamenco.

There we managed to witness something that I am still not sure about.

Days 6&7: 31 December 2011 1 January 2012

Mohit has amazing friends in Madrid, so that was where we decided to spend our New-Years eve and welcome the same. We chose the path through Cordoba and Toledo.

We reached Madrid towards the evening and welcomed the New-Year with the Spanish tradition involving gong and grapes.


Day 8: 2 January 2012

We proceeded from Madrid towards Salamanca. This was a relic. I am sure the following pictures won't necessitate further elaboration.

Our destination for the night was Santander, and we had intended to reach there well in time for some sight seeing in the evening. As it turned out, the beauty of Salamanca delayed our arrival in Santander. All the walking in Salamaca had left us exhausted as well. We just checked into our hotel in Santander and waited for the next morning.


Day 9: 3 January 2012

The day began with a casual stroll in the nearby lanes of the hotel. We intended to see the bank after which the city is named (or the other way round, which ever is correct). I guess the bank is more famous than the city itself.


The city also offered some very nice views.

Our next destination was San Sebastian. We had heard many a good things about this place and were as always, quite excited. The thing that we did not know was the scenic beauty of the route to San Sebastian. I have to confess here that Mohit's phone came in very handy to locate the scenic spots.

Due to the excess scenic locations, necessitating some well adjudged stops, we were again late in reaching our hotel and supremely tired.


Day 10: 4 January 2012

In the morning we decided to do the usual of going out for a walk.


It is a very beautiful city with all to offer to keep one interested.

Day 11: 5 January 2012

We headed back to Barcelona for our flight home. It was a lovely day with great roads. Unfortunately for us, this led to an unpleasant ticket for over speeding! The whole process not only was a dampener, but it also delayed us quite much. We had to return our car today. Anyhow, we reached Barcelona in time to return the car. To our surprise there was a parade of sorts in the evening. It was a good experience. As is often said, best things in life are never planned. They just happen. So very true. There were way many unplanned and unintentional experiences, each of them was amazing.

Since our slight was early morning on the 6th, we did not have a hotel booking for that night. There were many things to still do and see. Our trip concluded with an amazing night spent at Razzmatazz.

Lastly, I did all the driving, with guidance from the GPS of my old and trusted nokia.


Until next time, gracias!

Mranal Gupta



Mranal... It was great fun reading your travel ink....You must have had great fun...

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