I started my tour of Italy from Rome. Rome is a very crowded city always full of tourists. Although there are many places to visit (I will not go into details of it as you can always google), but I could not appreciate things in Italy in general and Rome in particular as all the places are always full of people. The main highlight of Italy is its food especially the ice-cream (gelatinos). Rome is very well connected to the rest of the world. I stayed close to Roma termini (the main railway station). The advantage of that was I could walk in the city very late in the mid-night without worrying about my transportation on my way back. In Rome, things are not that walkable, however public transport is very good. Language is not a problem in Rome and city maps, tourist centres are available all over the city.

The must watch places in Rome are Colloseum and the remains around it (Rome Forum), St. Johns Church (San Gionanni in Laterno) and Vatican. In Italy, strikes are quite common. I bought 12 euro ticket for colosseum and the remains close to it but could not go inside as the place was closed due to unannounced strike. However they did sell to the tourist entry tickets.

Vatican which is very close to Rome and is really beautiful. Its museum is good, Sistine Chapel is excellent and St. Peters Church is holy and really wonderful.


                                                                      Roma Forum

                                                                  Trevi fountain

                                                       St. Peters Basilica in Vatican

My next destination was Venice. I went there from Rome by train. Venice is built all around water bodies. The taxi and buses in Venice are boats. Mostly, road transport is absent and people walk to places or take water taxi. The traditional boats trips is called  "Gondola". Venice is also very famous for masks which are generally used for theatrical purposes. Near Venice are famous islands Morano and Burano. Morano is famous for its glasswares. Burano is popular for something I do not remember now.

                                           Main bridge in Venice (you can catch Gondola here)

                                                               Mask shop in Venice

                                                      Glass work in Murano all over the city

                                                  Beautiful and colourful island of Burano

My next destination was Florence. Its a beautiful city. The city of Galileo and Michangelo has a lot of cultural stuffs to be seen. Everything in Florence is walkable.

                                                                           River side in Florence

My last destination was Pisa. In Pisa there is only one thing that is "Leaning tower of Pisa and its compound". Apart from it there is nothing else.

                                                                       Leaning tower of Pisa 

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