Another dip in the beauty of mountains with bike nature and chocolates 

Mranal's visit to India brought me an invitation for the bike trip in himalayan ranges and destination this time decided as Wangtu in Himachal Pradesh.

Day 1 - 23 Dec, 2010:

It is very irritating that one has to cross Gurgaon - Delhi before catching the highways  and is the most boring part and awful way of starting. Okay let me tell that I was going to Dehradun where i will be meeting  Mranal and Mohit, the co bikers.

Started from my place in Gurgaon by  6 A.M.  I remember  I was full fledged loaded under the winter wears, had worn as much as I could. There were hardly any people to be seen on Delhi roads in that cold and at time of the day especially. Since i was alone so did not really take many breaks in between.

I took a halt near Roorkee to have my breakfast. It  did not take me long to reach Dehradunl, i was there by 12:30 PM.

Stayed at Mranal’s place for rest of the day  but had fun roaming in doon streets in evening time. It was a also nice rest for the body before the tougher part of the journey.

Day 2 - 24 Dec, 2010:

Mranal was up on his toes, excited and filled with energy, early morning. It was colder in doon than it used to be in Gurgaon and I  tried all the tricks to not leave my  blanket easily. With all my efforts going in vain, I was forced to get up at 6 am and by 7 am we left the house.

Mohit joined us in way , the team was complete and we were ready to glide in the rocks. Within the first few kms only I got a feeling that I am with hard core mountain bikers and was having a tough time keeping a track with them. They too understood it very soon and slowed down.

It did not take long for me to get surprises. Some 60 kms from Dehradun in village of Chakrata i had my first experience of biking on ice sheets frozen on roads locally known as paala. And before i could understand anything, the bike skidded, zapppp, and i was all on roads.

Mranal rushed from behind laughing that he knew i would fall over there. Well a fag gave the courage to move further. I must also tell anything that was considered second to biking in this trip was chocolates. We were carrying loads of them with us and not leaving any opportunity of gulping the yummies down. 

With little apprehensions I moved ahead, slowing the herd constantly and simultaneously being told to move faster. Did catch up in speed and lost fears of the last fall in some time and was doing pretty well by afternoon.

Stopping frequently at various places where ever we got a view worth trapping in the camera, gulping dairy milks and chit chatting in the rhythms of nature passed the first eventful day of the trip.

We had our late lunch in early evening at Rampur but decided to move ahead towards Wangtu as far as possible on that day. Finally we decided to pass our night at Sungri and got a cozy guest over there.

Day 3 - 25 Dec, 2010:

It would be sufficient to tell that we found ice sheets on our bike seats next morning just to give the idea of the climate. Mranal was again the warrior who woke up first and got ready. Pestered me and mohit to get up as well, for the sake of reaching the destination he pleaded. But who cared. It was by 8:30 am that somehow me and mohit gathered courage and got ready that too after many rounds of wonderful masala tea. 

The view that we witnessed can not be said anything other than awe inspiring. In true words when I myself opened the gates my mouth was like khulla ka khulla types, u know big beeepppppp...bigger beeepppppppp. (It is often said best feelings come in your mother tongue).

Clicked a lot of pictures of the beautiful site and then started for the day 3 biking . Trip after this was heavenly, every other view challenged the aura and splendor of previous ones.

We stopped  at places where ice was frozen on mountain walls. Played like kids with ice swords and went as crazy as humanly possible :P .
I will be adding images of the scenic beauty rather than trying to put them in words.

Reached wangtu somewhere around 2 pm in afternoon. Place was good but not as we had expected. Noticed a board mentioning Sangla pass at 36 kms from there. I had never been to a natural pass , and Mranal and mohit considered this a good enough reason to ride up to there.

We had to drive for sm 1 hr to reach the valley. It was a moment of discussion over here. We could have gone back from here or driven ahead to Chitkul the last inhabited village on indo tibet border and bike upto the height of 3500 metres above sea level. Craziness won the argument and we continued. Chitkul’s splendour justified our decision. We were at the foothills of snow capped mountains and the roads from sangla to chitkul, each moment of it, was worth trapping in camera but neither the memory card supported this nor the time limits. 

It was getting late and we had to start back as well. It was another chocolate fag celebration in chitkul where every thing seemed to froze if allowed. Left the place by around 4:45 and redishness had started spreading in the sky by that time. 

Drive after this was all a haste. Rush to go back and reach a town with guest house availability had started. We just kept moving from one town to another in our search of guest houses. Finally accepted that we will not get any and started a full fledge night drive to Shimla. Oh yes i forgot to tell we decided to go back by a different route. 

Taking very small breaks after every 40-45 mins we snailed ahead. Dont think it was above zero at any point of time.

To sum up day 3: Whooaaaa what a X-Mas celebration it will be worth remembering all life :))))))

Day 4 - 26 Dec, 2010:

Reached Shimla by 5 o'clock in the morning. Body was aching by now especially the lower backs. Booked a hotel though it was a trouble in itself as all the hotels were booked because of Christmas. City was brimming with tourists.After getting the room no one cared of anything. zzzzZZZZZZZZZ we were all in deep sleeps as soon as we got to luxury of beds.

Woke up at around 1 pm. This rest did immense help to body, only thing now needed was good food. Had a nice lunch in way to Solan. We were returning from such magnificently beauty striking places that on that day we did not even care to look into the normally so beautiful looking city of shimla.
Well Mranal and Mohit  had to take another route from Solan for Dehradun. 

Had nice flicks together before we departed and Shubh kaam ke sirf pahle hi nahi balki pure hone pe bhi kuchh meetha banta hai. So our last dairy milk together with bikers' laughter pouring into the Solan's air.

For me Gurgaon was still some 380+ kms. I had decided if the roads will be good I will stretch myself and rather rest at home the next day. It was all going as plan but suddenly after crossing Chandigarh it went foggy like anything and it turned almost impossible to continue on bike. Did try to ride for some time but finally gave up and rented a room in kurukshetra.

Body still longed for rest and i did not show any misery either. I showered my body with the pleasure of sleeping.

Day 5 - 27 Dec, 2010:

After this luxurious rest I was into my elements again. The traveler soul had risen by now and realised the bliss of stopping in kurukshetra, though by chance only. 

Got lovely portrait pics in city and roamed through the local streets for few hours after checking out from the hotel. Once i felt content with my acquaintance with the city i started back for gurgaon. NH1 roads were smooth like silk . And any kind of restriction of speed was because of your own vehicle’s limit.

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Anurag Nigam


Awesome Trip, wish to do it one day...!

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Well ridden & written.

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nice and excillent

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