Early december, I spent a week riding across Thailand on bikes. We rode for about 2000 kms from Chiang Mai to Bangkok. It was a totally different experience compared to exploring a country on car. Riding across in a bike lets you feel the road, feel the nature and feel be part of it- something not possible when being driven in a taxi. Also what I realized during this trip was that how biker friendly Thailand is...

The bikes that we rode..Versys and CB500X

Thailand has wide roads which are very tempting for bikers and other road users are very accomodative of bikers. Hotels have dedicated space for parking bikes and staff to keep an eye on them. Tourist police and public in general are also very helpful to bikers. 

We found many group of bikers. Few photos for your references.

All kinds of bikers are available for rent in Thailand and one can enjoy their dream ride without really burning a whole in their pockets. Home country driving license, if in English, is good enough to ride a bike in Thailand, hence the paperwork is minimal.

A group was camping with their bright yellow Harley Davidson and few other bikes, near the historic Memorial Bridge, Pai
A group of riders who were riding across the country in 1980s BMW bikes... we caught up with them as they'd stopped for refreshment
A Ducati we found our hotel in Pitsanulok
It is a nice feeling when total strangers wave at you while riding in opposite direction
Apart from biking trips conducted on request, Thailand has few festivals dedicated for bikers- Phuket Bike Week happens every April in Phuket, where one can see a mela of 1000s of bikes, all kinds from all countries. If you're a biking fan, it is an event not to be missed.

Shrinidhi Hande