I did a tour of  Sikkim in 2006 April. before i start writing my own experiences i will express my true feelings that there cannot be anything more beautiful than this in this world. Below is the places i enjoyed most with a brief description of my journey.


Yamthung is also known as Valley of flower of the East, and is a fabulous place to travel. In March and April the valley is full of different colors of Rhododendrons, Primula and in winter it  is fully ice covered. We had a car with us to travel all the parts of Sikkim.  One needs to make sure that one has required permits which are generally  arranged by the travel agents.

We started early in the morning from Gangtok, we passed by Fodong, Mangan, Singik to reach 135 Kms from Gangtok, Chungthang, where two streams Lachung chu from Lachung and Lachen chu from Lachen meets and make the famous Teesta. The scenic beauty of the route is amazing awesome and the road is pretty well maintained. We moved ahead  to Lachung and  stayed overnight there only.

I fell in love with Lachung at  first sight! A picturesque village with a river flowing by, lovely view of  snow peak mountains,  water falls and best of them all , plenty of colorful flowers which give altogether different shade and hues to the valley.

We moved towards Yumthang in morning which was 24 kms from Lachung at 11800 ft.  The scenic beauty of the routed just captivated our hearts. Yumthang valley’s beauty can fill any human’s heart with elastion.  At this time of year it was full of flowers.

Gurudongmar Lake:

After being spellbound by the Yamthung scenic beauty we went back to Chungthang to go to our next destination Gurudongmar lake. We went up to Lachen 29 kms from Chungthang and stayed there for the night. Next morning we started pretty early. The path to Gurudongmar Lake was a messy one but the natural beauty more than compensated for the discomfort.

The road ended at Gurudongmar Lake at 17800 Ft. This lake is considered very sacred for both Hindus and Buddhists.We were awestruck by the lakes and landscapes beauty ! The whole lake is surrounded by icy mountains. The color of the water is turquoise blue to greenish at places. I will just say its a must visit in lifetime.

Mukesh Singh