The awaiting moment for any child is the coming of the summer vacations . It is the time when everybody whether old or young relaxes takes a long break from his painful daily routine and enjoy the beauty of nature and take a breath of fresh air.The same was with me . It was may, summer was at its height .Within 2 days summer vacations were going to be started. me and my family was very excited as  we are going to visit dharmashala this time.It is a city in the upper reaches of the kangra valley , surrounded by coniferous forest and its suburb mcleodganj  known for  the presence of dalai lama. After few days of hard wait , finally the day came . We were on our journey to dharmashala. At 9 :00 am in the morning we reached there. The weather was awesome on account of pleasure contrasting sharply with the heat in varanasi. The breeze was blowing. The joy was at its height. We stayed in hotel Victoriya palace.The services they providE is great . The best part was the verandah occupied by  me to enjoy the "yummy pakoras" of the restaurant.It was 2:20 pm when we dressed in our best to gather best memories of Dharmashala with our camera in our hands and trekking shoes  ,the first day of our  journey began ,we went to bhagsunath waterfall  and temple, situated at bhagsu 2 km from mcleodganj. 

The  ambiance of the temple is tranquil and reposed, with plentiful pools around, considered sacred by the Hindu devotees..The ambiance of the place is dynamic and the atmosphere is cool and pleasant.It soothed our body and mind with pleasure.the time passed easily as if  hour hand and minute hand has acquired wings.

We reached hotel at 9 :00 pm. Then we had our dinner and started  enjoying  the heat near bonfire and went to bed at 11:00 pm.

The next day began ,We were excited and mind was full of questions..... what we would visit today??? is today's day will be as enjoyable as yesterday's???? what's new??The answer to all these clicked when my father alarmed me to get ready for our visit to triund. It is a trekking destination from mcleodganj, and offers magnificent vistas of mountains and valley. We clicked a lot of pics, enjoyed trekking and the magnificent landscape that nature draws in this heaven. I talked to many people there and observed that people there are very kind hearted and nature  loving ,Purity was in their blood .Then  after few hours of trekking we felt hungry .There was no scope of any restaurant we were about to reach the tip of mountain then what came in my mind was maggi .Really maggi does it ,quenched our hunger in just 2 mins. then again we continued. 

 After some time the weather became worse , We felt like shortage of oxygen . my mother started this my  dad took a strong  decision to  stop and step toward the hotel as there were some possibilities of snow fall.We went to hotel and slept like never slept for last 20 years...

The third day was a mix of joy and sorrow as tomorrow we will be leaving dharmashala and will continue in  our daily deadly routine......thought for it a minute and then suddenly came my father with the bed tea  changed my mood with his habit of cracking jokes....the day begin .we had our breakfast and went to visit many malls, temples ,mountains, done shopping and enjoyed a lot at scenic picnic spot.It was the best picnic i had.We also visited the church of st. john and ended our day with its mouth watering food-momos , thupka. all the things really left an impression of dharmashala as a beautiful and perfect destination for someone who is hungry for nature.

At last the day came we packed our suitcase and were ready to leave this heaven with a promise to visit again next year.overall we had a wonderful experience and   it will always stay in my mind as a sweet sugary memories.