It was a very random decision to do a bike trip to Jalori pass.I was fade up the mundane office life. Needed a change and there was a long weekend providing the opportunity. Did not ask many people to company me and was finally going alone. Let me also mention that i will not be able to give a very detailed version  as its been long i undertook this trip and unfortunately never jotted down the details.

Day 1

Started early morning from New Delhi. There was not much in Day 1. With normal breaks at every 50 odd kms, I kept moving. Only interesting event was the short cut that that i took because google maps suggested so and i ended up leaving the luxury of smooth NH1 highway and moved to some rugged, work in progress kind so called roads of state highway. There was dust all the way and concrete put on the path. Ended my day somewhere around 6 pm in Mandi where i got a decent hotel room at a decent cost of 450 bucks.

Some images from day1 below

Day 2

Day 2 had its excitement.  I had read about the steep slope of final kms of jalori pass. Bikers boasted of this trek. I started somewhere around 7 in the morning . It was not very far from here. As per my plans I had to reach banjar some 80 odd kms from Mandi. And my bad today i did not rely on google map and asked route from a local who thought i was asking for Bhunter instead of Banjar and went on a wrong route. So it was the wrong turn at Aut. But this wrong turn gave me the fun of driving through the long tunnel at Aut. there a tangible 5 degree celsius drop inside the tunnel and there was point when i was thinking would it or not.

Got to know of my mistake some 10 kms ahead of Aut on other side of tunnel and started the return. Fortunately did not lose directions after that and reacher Banjar by 11  am.

The steep slope started soon after banjar and i got the idea very soon that i should not drive in any gear other than 1st or at times 2nd. This stretch was for some 20 kms. reached the jalori top and first thing that i noticed was the board on pass top which boasts of its height and steep way up. 

There was a temple and few shops at this point.

Had a nice tea at one of the shops and then enquired about the places near by and how much time would they take. So there was  

Serolsar Lake, 6 Km trek from Jalori Pass and Raghupur Fort at some 2.5 kms. Locals suggested that if i was not camping for the night it would be better to not to go for Serolsar Lake.

Luckily there were some locals going to Raghupur Fort as well and asked me come with them. Way to Raghupur Fort was steep trek up the hill full of long trees throwing shade at you. if the locals would not have been accompanying me and giving continuous encouragement to continue i would not have reached the final destination. My fatigue left aside , the beauty of the hills left me spellbound. One generally does witnesses such lavish greenery at heights that of Jalori top. it also threw a great view of the entire valley though it was little cloudy that day.Views just improved on  reaching the top upto Raghupur Fort. My local friends moved ahead towards their villages from here.

After spending some time on hill top i started my trek back to jalori top where i had my lunch and then clicked some photographs peacefully.

Riding down from the jalori top was tougher than I had expected. there were boards after every odd km to not let vehicle gain speed and not to rely on brakes for stopping.

It had started raining as well and i could not find any place to find shelter. Stopped at the first lodge i saw and took a room there. And it was really lucky for me as weather worsened after that and by late evening there was storm. This also made sure that there was no electricity (after the storm) so I was left with nothing but sleep and relax for rest of evening.

Day 3

Woke up early and was just lost in the tranquility and peace of the place. Clicked some images and then moved ahead for the return journey.

Vishal Arora



Fantastic images and description of your adventure Vishal...