There was always an urge inside me to visit my state’s capital Lucknow. But somehow i never got a chance. It was in 2011 Diwali time when I was not able to get train reservations for Varanasi my hometown from Delhi. I desperately wished to be at my home and enjoy the festival with my family members and dear ones. Someone suggested me that i could take Volvo till Lucknow and from there I would have myriads of train options to reach Varanasi. This also enticed a long existing dream in the traveler cum photographer soul to finally visit Lucknow. I made my plans such that was able to spend 8-10 hours in the city. Below will the description of my small acquaintance with the city of Nawabs.

After taking a decently priced room where I could get fresh and leave my luggage i started the sight seeing. One must mention that lucknow is far better than the rest of cities in Uttar pradesh and has great infrastructure in terms of roads etc.

Well I started my sightseeing from bada imambara. It’s a great structure in itself, the building looks great from outside and the overall compound has separate things to see.

Above images are of Baoli inside bada imambara. Baoli means well. This structure was used in old times to keep wealth and also maintaining good security around it. The city water was also supplied from the well.

Bhool bhulaiyaa is another very interesting structure inside this magnificent complex. Bhool bhulaiyaa  is a hindi term which means labyrinth. Its a maze of pathways constructed so as to provide similarity among them. It olden times it was used by kings to escape with royal family in case some attacks.

Then there is a central hall. Inside this hall there are many items belonging to era of nawabs.

There is a magnificent looking mosque in the campus as well. But the entry inside the mosque was closed at that time.

After that I went to visit the chhota imambara. Chhota imambara is smaller in terms of grandeur as its name suggests. (Chhota means smaller :) ) But it carries an glamour of its own. The building of chhota imambara is inordinately architected and captivates your heart with its beautiful design and intricate work. When i reached the place it looked magnificent with the  

sun setting in its backdrop. Just felt like clicking more and more images of this scintillating structure. Below are some of the images i am writing about.

After chhota imambara i went straight to the old market of Aminabad. The crowded streets reminded me of the streets of banaras. Took a stroll through the market and then relished the world famous kebabs in one of the popular shops in the city. I took help from locals in finding out the popular shops for kebabs.

I had train to Banaras by 10 PM and did not have much time after this. It was a small stay but an enchanting one.  

Vishal Arora

My Say India


amazing clicks !!! awesome Lucknow is !!

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