Dandeli-11 hours from Bengaluru, 3 hours from Goa and closest to Karwar is a splendid place to visit for people who love nature and are willing to get into the adventure mode! This place is dominated by the River Kali- be it atop from mountains or from its banks.

Schedule a two-three day trip to enjoy this place. Me and my friends first reached Bengaluru, spent a day there and took the night bus to Dandeli.We reached around 7 in the morning. We stayed at Kali Jungle Camp-run by the Karnataka Government (So this is the cheapest bid as the payment of Rs.1200 per day covers food and accommodation).The camp offers a beautiful view of the river. Book in advance to get the mud huts or tents. The camp offers variety of activities like tight rope walking, tyre swing and small pleasantries that you always wished to do since you were a child! Plan your day 1 with rafting and the other activities that you get to do in the camp, followed by a night walk around Dandeli which would hardly take an hour. Then enjoy your dinner with your friends around the campfire. White water Rafting is one of the major attractions of this place. Being the 2nd longest rafting spot in India-we get to enjoy a whole 9.5 km journey across the river with 8-9  rapids that increases your adrenalin rush to the maximum. If you're vigilant enough you might get to see kingfishers, cranes and other birds during the one and half hour ride! The best time to visit will be Oct-Jan for the water flow will be at its best during this time.




The other main attractions that this place offers are -River Crossing, Kayaking, Natural Jacuzzi and Rappelling  Natural Jacuzzi will turn out to be an experience that you will cherish for your lifetime. The Jacuzzi spot is filled with surprises such as a waterfall miniature gushing into the spot, then the swift flow  area where you bump on the soft bedrock underneath and get pulled by the current(nothing to worry about...it's all safe!)


Next day ,start off with a small jungle trek that comes along with the package  as a complimentary and then leave for  the Bison River Resort by a jeep(jeep will be arranged by the camp for which you'll be charged Rs.800) .Here,you get to do  Kayaking(Rs 250),River Crossing(Rs 350)  and Natural  Jacuzzi(Rs 150).If you're going as a big group, try bargaining. Enjoy the jeep drive by hanging on to the sides rather than sitting inside. Go for Rappelling before you leave.

River Crossing and Rappelling are also breathtaking! Especially the glimpse of river kali during river crossing will be exhilarating and makes you shudder for the sheer beauty of the river. Rappelling takes around 5-7 min for every individual, an interesting activity only if you've got the patience to wait for a long time (20 min or so) before your turn comes. If interested you can go for the jungle safari .If time permits venture into the forests as there is a Shiva temple close to which you can find an old snake charmer! If you're lucky he might show you the King Cobra .

And do not go for the coracle ride if you are planning for an adventure trip. It's just a ride through the river.

Don't miss the breathtaking view of the Kali river at different times of the day-especially morning and night, for the mist that rises from the river is a sight that I haven't seen anywhere in my life. Be sure to withdraw money before you go to this place as there is only one ATM in the village .This place is well connected by buses. The nearest railway station is in Karwar. Go as a group of 5-7 to enjoy this place to its fullest!!! 





Radhika Sundaresan

Vishal Arora


Beautiful travel ink....seems like a fun place....


There are few people who take time out of their routine to keep their memories alive by blogging in such a lively manner...thank you...it is a splendid work encouraging enthusiasts to go to this place that speaks for itself from the above story...