Kovalam is Beach Township near Trivandrum. You can choose to stay in luxurious resorts or do it desi with cottages. Kovalam is heavily commercialized but still maintains its serenity. My trip had 2 days allocated for Kovalam followed by three in Munnar, but I ended up staying here for the entire trip. The peace and calmness you get here. Lazy around on the beach, enjoy some seafood and listen to the ocean roaring. Varkala is another beach located 60Km from  Kovalam has three beaches to visit. 

The lighthouse beach is where you should choose to stay if you are looking for cottages. The hills rise steep from the beach. The beach itself is a black sand beach. The big plus here is that the bed eases into the sea over a very gentle slope so you can venture almost 20-30m into the sea !

Finding accommodation in Kovalam isn't difficult so you can go there without booking a room. But if you are looking for a cottage make sure you book one. Foreigners stay here for months so at times it can be difficult to get a cottage. Kovalam like most places in Kerela has back waters too, but if you want the real back waters experience go to Allepy!

You can visit the lighthouse on the beach. It is recommended rather !

Eve's Beach, more commonly known as Hawa Beach, ranks second, in the early day, is a beehive of activities with fishermen setting out for sea. With a high rock promontory and a calm bay of blue waters, this beach paradise creates a unique aquarelle on moonlit nights.

Kovalam isnt a typical happening place. Its more like a place you go for a break. Relax and lazy around so there aren't really too many places to visit. Though the herbal spa treatments are quite famous so you should pamper yourself with one!

Mohit Sinha

Vishal Arora


Well well well...ppl do fall in love with this lovely place... :)