The attractive little island of Singapore is enclosed by spectacular greenish-blue oceans, and breathtaking locales. These amazing oceanic belts provide great opportunities for cruising, and hence have urged the introduction of various reasonable Singapore cruise packages.  Over the years Singapore has seen the introduction of hundreds of ferry boats and cruises that provide a luxurious tour in and around the country. Some of the popular cruising lines include Legend of the Seas, Costa Classica, Superstar Virgo, and Crystal Cruises.

One popular and most famed cruise in Singapore is the Singapore Harbor Cruise.  This gigantic ship is a perfect imitation of the famous Imperial vessel of the Ming Dynasty. It satisfies all the luxurious needs of its passengers. The cruise will take you on a memorable tour to the modern Singapore. One can see some of the tallest buildings of the city-state that stands proudly among its subordinates, and also the busiest port in the world. Also, the cruise passes along many little tropical islands. Moreover, you get an exclusive chance to explore some of the deep hidden treasures of Singapore that can be unveiled only through a journey on the sea. An outward look of this giant vessel will make you wonder if you are in China. This spell-struck ship is in every sense of the word glamorous!

Passengers can either opt for an early morning ride on the cruise or the Harbor diner cruise that begin its charming journey at dusk. In the evening cruise one get to see the tranquility of the orange-red sun disappearing slowly into the water, and treat their eyes with varied shades of sparkling fireworks. The food inside the cruise is just to die for! An array of different mouth-smacking international cuisines is offered to the inhabitants in a buffet system. The inmates can also please themselves with boozes and cocktails, and mouth-watering desserts. One can see an enthralling view of the natural beauty of the city-state from the cruise that is hard to experience offshore. The cruise creates a perfect romantic ambience for lovers, and offers numerous fun activities for kids.

 A short little trip on this awe-inspiring ship will definitely prove worth the money and time that you put into.  Over the years, many tour operators have started offering lucrative packages for a memorable cruising in Singapore.  So make sure that you scratch out the best tour packages to Singapore that meet your needs from the offered lot.

Manya Singh