One of the most beautiful city and heaven for couples is a place known as Phuket. Well known for its popular beaches, water sports and beautiful landscapes, it is biggest island in Thailand located in its southern part. On the west is the Andaman Sea. 

I found a chance to visit Phuket between 23rd Feb'13 to 1st Mar'13 during our honeymoon. :)

Our first major visit was a world famous show. The fantasy of Phuket can be experienced by the show known as "FantaSea". The show beautifully presents the traditional myth of  Phuket with humor, fantasy and entertainment. Magic Show, the performances of elephants, tiger, peasants, lambs etc were amazing. The train of Elephants with fore legs above another one was a wonderful scene. The dance and actions in the dark air of arena by beautifully dressed folks in glittering costumes, left everybody spellbound. (The FantaSea can be understood as a magnified version of the Kingdom of Dreams located in Gurgaon.) The other attractions include Floating Market, magical mountain which are all nice spots for photo session and shopping. There are ample shops for a candid shopping.  The location has a pond where spectacularly colored fishes in can be touched by hands.  

                                                                        (A portion of Buffet Hall at FantaSea)

FantaSea is provided with facility of grand buffet which s a huge treat to the visitors with almost all categories of cuisines around the word available, to mention specially Indian and Vegetarian Food.

The next day we planned for a City Tour in shared coach. We went to view points like Karon view point and enjoy sightseeing and photo session.

We also saw the village of Phuket. A village out of India which was an exciting experience. On the way we went to Phuket City Center where we enjoyed Shooting by 0.22 Rifle and Elephant riding. The thrill of shooting increased by the marks given by the club people at the end, so that we can evaluate ourselves and compare ;):):)  The elephant riding was another lovely experience and feeding elephant at the end added to our satisfaction. To inform the readers, Elephant is the National Animal of Thailand and widely used for amusement and celebration purposes.

The next spot in the city was famous Buddhists temple Wat Chalong. There were six pagodas at the place. The tall pagodas, as high as 50m (estimated) are shining examples of developed architecture. The place of worship and the way of worship of the Buddhist people were unique. 


Last stop on the city tour was a jewelery industry where seeing the people making unique jeweleries in person was a nice experience. 

Moving on, the next day was our Beach Day. We spent large part of the day on Patong Beach which is 10 minutes by feet from our hotel. Besides bathing in the sea, we enjoyed Water Scooter and Banana ride both of which were adventurous and thrilling due to different reasons. Water Scooter, we took very far where no one would take it, as mentioned by the incharge. Moreover, we also swapped the driver position on the scooter. Riding on the waves and steering in traffic of boats and scooters was a thrilling experience. The 'track' of water scooter was 'bumpy' which makes it go up and down which was exciting ride. After that we could say that, water scooter is not a difficult one provided  precautions taken :). The banana, we can't forget for other reason. Our banana capsized in the mid sea and we were standing and swimming with the hep of life jacket. Having life jacket and knowing swimming gave me confidence not to get scared. My betterhalf initially got frightened but later on seeing me, she calm down. Then we climbed on the banana boat again and the sailor took us on a curvy path where we did not fail. 

The last day was the day at Phi Phi Island, one of the most beautiful group of islands in Phang Nga Bay, south of Phuket province. The first stop at Maya Beach was the most gorgeous experience in the compete trip. The shivering crystal clear green-yellow water with pieces of hills all around and a small path way in between presented lavish sight of the beach.

Moving in the speed boat, we passed through the 'James Bond' island, a cave, Monkey Island and the snorkelling spot. The 'James Bond' Island was named so after one of his movie was shot at that island. Feeding monkeys by hand at the Monkey Island (being in boat only) was a delightful experience for nature lovers like me. After that, I enjoyed snorkeling for the first time. I was not able to use the breathing apparatus provided by the guide who has given no training. But knowing swimming and based on one of the co-passengers input, I removed the breathing apparatus and started swimming and looking down in the sea water just wearing goggles only. I would take breathe in between by bringing my head up. Viewing bottom of the sea filled with coral reefs,  various kinds of fishes and other flora and fauna was a fantastic experience. The view beneath the clear green water was a spectacular sight.


Thereafter, we stopped at another island for lunch. After spending sometime on this last beach, our crew left for Phuket City in the speed boat. 

After purchasing some souvenir, clothes and other items, we left for India the next day. We reached Kolkata by traveling in two flights, changing at Bangkok. 

                                                                               (Bangkok City from above)

Conclusively, one will not feel too much differently in Phuket, specially those going from India. The city beside our hotel was with all facilities including many Indian restaurants. The Indian foods in these hotels were delicious. So, we didn't face any problem in our food. Nevertheless, sea foods are rampant there. Overall, it was a memorable trip that we can not forget. I will recommend Phuket as a tourism destination.

 (Note: Phuket has other attractions also like night clubs, bars, cabaret shows that is not there in the blog.)  


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