Thailand is famous for its Buddhist temples (Wat Pho, Temple of Reclining Buddha), beaches (Patong Beach, etc), markets (Floating Market, malls, roadside stalls, blah, blah, blah) and even museums (Forensic Museum in Bangkok would actually spook you out)! But, the country is best known for its impressive inventory of superhot girls.

Men being made the way they are, always like to include some girls into their menu! After all, nothing satiates the taste buds as much as these beautiful women do. I may be sounding a bit salacious with such words, but then Bangkok packages sell a lot for the city’s ladyboy bars.

Here are 5 such ladyboy bars where you can enjoy your nightlife in Bangkok and have the time of your life:

Obsession: ‘Obsession’ is a good place to not just ogle at girls but also to interact with them. The moment you step inside this chic looking place, you will be surrounded by some really good-looking things (and we are not just talking of the décor)! The girls out here are quite friendly and in no time you would find yourself getting them a drink! Prices are a tad high (around 150 baht for a beer), but the girls are worth it! Situated at Nana Plaza, you would be able to reach the place easily.

Cockatoo: The good thing about Cockatoo is that it is really catchy with its décor and ambience. Besides, the girls are candid and have a fair bit of command with their English. The prices too are pre-fixed and you are unlikely to face unpleasant surprises while checking the bill. The bad thing about Cockatoo is that the place is a tad small. So, if you are seeking privacy, then this place may not be the best for you.

King’s Castle III: Located in Patpong, this ladyboy bar is another good place to forge friendships with new hot girls. The girls are quite smart out here and pretty mature in a sense. They are friendly but won’t quite loom over you! You can win their heart by buying them a drink (around 100 baht).

King’s Corner: Another lovely outlet at Patpong, this place has two sets of girls- one set comprises of normal-looking chics while the other consists of taller and curvier ones. This place is themed in a different manner. You are likely to walk out a happier man!

Cascade: Cascade takes you through the classy ambience, a standout ladyboy bar which is designed in a Flintstone’s Cave-like manner. Eclectic variety of girls, high prices and great location (Nana Plaza) sum up this corner!

Manya Singh