When you are in Dubai, you will feel obliged to check out all the attractions of the city- be it the malls or the gold markets or the skyscrapers or the amusement parks! But if you have checked them all or if you are in the mood to stretch your legs or simply because you want to look around, then a weekend getaway to some nearby tourist spots won’t be a bad idea. There are some hot spots around this desert city and some Dubai holiday packages even include them on custom request.

Here is a short gist of some of the getaways our experts recommend:

1. Desert Palm: It is barely 20 minutes from Dubai and so reaching the spot won’t be a hassle at all. It is a relaxation centre where you can literally put your muscles to rest. There are professionals who offer all kinds of spa sessions and body therapies so that you can feel rejuvenated. Nothing works better than such physical relaxations when you are looking for a getaway.

2. Al Maha: Al Maha is a luxurious resort which is perched at around forty minutes outside Dubai. Though it is a resort, it will feel like a desert land. With a huge quantity of deserted (sandy) landscape around it and pools that serve as oasis, you will feel as if you are standing on a manmade desert. The resort offers panoramic view of the vast expanse of the dunes and the sunsets are really incredible.

3. Oman Dive Centre and Liwa: Oman Dive Centre is an extremely popular tourist spot and is visited by a number of locals and foreigners. True to its name, it is a diving centre where you divers and underwater enthusiasts can have a time of their life. The corals offer beautiful vignettes of the underwater world and some of the most dreaded creatures of the sea will just be inches away from your nose. Hence, for someone who calls himself or herself an adventure freak, this place shall really freak you out. For an authentic desert experience with camels and sand dunes, try Liwa! The place offers you great adventurous activities, a long road trip for unwinding yourself and a dash of history and a bit of rustic charm in the form of local hamlets. Many Dubai packages from Delhi are being formulated keeping in mind the need of the tourists to check out some of these nearby attractions. 

Manya Singh